The Mejlis (Parliament) of Turkmenistan is a legislature representative body



with the National Council of the Federal Assembly of the Republic of Austria

The parliamentary friendship group of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan and the Federal Assembly of the Republic of Austria has approved as follows:

Eshayev Yusupguly – Head of the Committee for protection of human rights and freedoms (Head of Group);

Ovekova Jenet – member of the Committee for legislation and norms;

Arazov Serdar – member of the Committee for economic issues;

Akgayev Orazgeldy – member of the Committee for social policy;

Garagulova Maral – member of the Committee for science, education, culture and youth policy;

Annagurbanov Bashim – member of the Committee for environmental protection, natural resources using and agroindustry complex;

Geldiyev Kerimguly – member of the Committee for international and inter-parliamentary communications; 

Berkeliyev Toyly – member of the Committee for working with local authorities and local self-governance bodies.